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Oxford University Chancellor Election: Imran Khan Among Candidates Featured

  08 February 2024

Oxford University's Chancellor position is vacant following Chris Patten's resignation. The new election will be conducted online, marking a first in history. Among possible candidates is Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan and Oxford alumnus.

In a noteworthy development, Oxford University's Chancellor post has become vacant following the resignation of Chris Patten, who graced the role for over two decades. This primarily ceremonial role, traditionally filled by an erstwhile politician, is highly regarded and elected by Oxford alumni. In an unanticipated turn of events, the election for the forthcoming Chancellor will be conducted online, replacing the conventional requirement for graduates to cast their vote in full academic attire.

Imran Khan Among Candidates

Among the distinguished potential candidates vying for the position is Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khan, an Oxford graduate, studied Economics and Politics at Keble College and led the university's cricket team to victory during his tenure. His previous experience as the chancellor of Bradford University for eight years until his resignation in November 2014 adds a feather to his cap.

Online Elections Mark a New Era

As the race for the next Oxford University Chancellor takes off, this significant shift to online elections marks a new chapter in the university's history. The detailed process for the election will be announced in due time, promising a fair and transparent election process.

Other Notable Candidates

Other notable figures on the candidate list include former British Prime Ministers Theresa May, Sir Tony Blair, and Boris Johnson. Their political experience and ties to Oxford University make them strong contenders for the prestigious role.

The new era of online elections opens up fresh opportunities, bringing the Oxford University community closer while maintaining the integrity and prestige of the Chancellor's role.



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