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India had become 3rd largest economy in 2011; PM Modi only spreading lies: Kharge Featured

  08 February 2024

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of evading pressing issues like price rise and unemployment and instead focusing on criticising the grand old party during his speech in both houses of the Parliament.

Kharge, who is also the leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, said "those who do not believe in the Constitution are preaching on patriotism to the Congress".

"Modiji, in your speeches in both the Houses, you only cursed the Congress. Despite being in power for 10 years, instead of talking about himself, he only criticizes the Congress party. Even today, he did not talk about price rise, unemployment and economic inequality," Kharge alleged.

He further accused the NDA government of lacking transparency and data, dubbing it the "No Data Available" government.

Kharge also pointed out the absence of key statistics such as Census 2021, employment data, and health surveys, alleging that the government hides information and spreads falsehoods.

"Modi ki Guarantee is only to spread lies," he asserted.

"Those who did not believe in the Constitution, did not participate in the Dandi March and the Quit India Movement have the audacity to today preach patriotism to the Congress party," he added.

Kharge challenged Modi's assertions about the previous UPA government, particularly regarding unemployment and GDP growth rates.

He questioned why the unemployment rate, which stood at 2.2 per cent during the UPA era, has surged to a 45-year high under the current government's tenure.

"Modiji said countless false things about the UPA government. I want to ask -- the unemployment rate during the UPA rule was 2.2 per cent, why is it at a 45-year high in your tenure?" Kharge asked.

The Congress chief said during the 10 years of the UPA rule, the average GDP growth rate was 8.13 per cent, and asked why is it only 5.6 per cent during the current government's tenure.

According to the World Bank, India had become the world's third largest economy in 2011 itself, he said.

"We brought 14 crore people out of (not-just-multidimensional) poverty in 10 years. By nitpicking speeches from here and there, you are only spreading lies," Kharge said.



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