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Bihar Floor Test: Nitish Kumar In Trouble? Five MLAs Miss Shravan Kumar's Friendly Meet; JDU Issues Whip Featured

  11 February 2024

The banquet hosted by Bihar Minister Shravan Kumar for JDU MLAs on Saturday It was discussed that five JDU MLAs were not seen in this event, reportedly because of their pre-arranged program.

Meanwhile, the MLAs are likely to attend the legislature party meeting that is to be held at the residence of Minister Vijay Chaudhary on Sunday.

Five JDU MLAsAbsent From the Meeting

JDU MLAs Dr Sanjeev, Shalini Mishra, Sudarshan, Dilip Rai, and Bima Bharti were absent from the party organised at Shravan Kumar's residence. According to the information received in this regard, Dr Sanjeev has gone to Goa for his sister-in-law's wedding anniversary celebration.

He had earlier informed Shravan Kumar about his absence from Saturday's banquet. Shalini Mishra had gone to Shravan Kumar's chamber two days ago and informed about his non-coming. He is in Delhi for some work. Barbigha MLA Sudarshan is also in the area.

Meanwhile, no information was given regarding the absence of Dilip Rai and Bima Bharti. Speaking about the absence of the MLAs, JDU leaders said that a decision was taken to organise the Saturday banquet suddenly, leading to the absence of the leaders.

Whip Issued To JDU MLAs

A whip has also been issued to JDU MLAs for the budget session of the Assembly. Former ministers of Bhoj Vijay Chaudhary and Shravan Kumar also addressed the event advising everyone to be present in the House with full strength.

Only Vegetarian Food In the Event

The menu of the food of banquet included only vegetarian food. Rice-dal, papad and bajka of kobi, brinjal, and pumpkin were served along with pumpkin and potato-cabbage curry.



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