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Hindenburg accused the conglomerate of improper extensive use of entities set up in offshore tax havens and expressed concern about high debt levels.

The rupee was also a victim of a rally in oil prices sparked by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which pushed India's current account deficit to a record high in the September quarter in absolute terms.

Equity indices fell sharply by nearly 2 per cent each, extending their decline for the third day running on Friday, amid an overall bearish trend in global markets.

Forex traders said the US Fed's rate hike and escalation of geopolitical risk in Ukraine sapped risk appetite.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg are set to be deposed in a Cambridge Analytica lawsuit, the media reported.

If we don’t talk about the fact that an average Indian today earns less than a Bangladeshi, will the fact vanish? No. But the daily news cycle is filled with jubilation at activists being locked up

Union government has issued 869 notifications, 143 circulars and 38 orders to modify GST rules since 2017 as consumers are baffled at inconsistencies and states complain of centralisation

Says high global commodity prices will lead to widening of current account deficit.

The Modi government has sold off a state-owned entity to a private firm having zero experience in making electronics parts or defence research, complained the protesters.

The scientific community fears that selling it off to a financial intermediary or trading company will eventually affect the future of research and development in electronics in India. 


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