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Reham apologises to UK businessman over foul play claims in Roosevelt hotel purchase Featured

  10 December 2020

Filmmaker Reham Khan on Thursday tendered an unconditional apology in a court in the UK over accusing British businessman Aneel Mussarat of being involved in the secret purchase of the PIA-owned Roosevelt Hotel.

The former journalist claimed that Mussarat was favoured in the sale of the hotel owing to his association with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“I am the operator of Youtube channel Reham Khan official and in a video posted on December 6, 2019, I made reference to Aneel Mussarat and I made a number of comments and insinuations regarding Aneel Mussarat,” Reham’s statement reads

“In seeking to make amends, I have removed the video and I wholly retract my comments and apologise to Mr. Mussarat for any damage or harm which may have been caused to Mr. Mussarat, his businesses, or to the charitable causes he supports. I will not be making any further comment about this matter,” it goes on to say.

Mussarat had iniated court proceedings six months back calling for Reham to either retract the allegations or table evidence.

The two parties confirmed that the matter was settled out of court after the ex-wife of the prime minister agreed to issue a clarification and an apology.

Mussarat told a private news channel that he had settled the defamation case with Reham.

“I never had anything to do with the sale or purchase or any kind of dealing with the Roosevelt Hotel. I have done all businesses in the UK and Europe and I have done so through fair competition," the businessman explained.

He said that he had "never done anything unethical and never tried to use my friends or networks to gain [an] undue or unfair advantage, he said.

"My friendship with PM Imran Khan has nothing to do with any businesses I am involved in. I have not done any business in Pakistan to avoid conflict of interest issues and I will continue to maintain this position," he said.


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