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Supreme Court Blasts Ramdev, Patanjali Ayurved, Pulls Up Centre: Top Quotes By SC Judges Featured

  02 April 2024

The Supreme Court on Tuesday blasted Patanjali Ayurved and Baba Ramdev over the contents of "unconditional apology" affidavits.

Baba Ramdev who was present in the court tendered "unconditional apology" before the Supreme Court for violating court's order for misleading advertisements of Patanjali's medicinal products and making disparaging statements about modern medicines. The top court however, expressed great displeasure at his submissions which it said was merely a lip service.

The court, after initially saying that it wants to see contempt proceedings against Ramdev to its logical conclusion, gave one last chance to Ramdev and Patanjali to file an affidavit in the case.

A bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah presided over the case and made several critical remarks and observations. As the top court has granted last opportunity to Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna to file a proper response and posted the case for further hearing to April 10, here are top quotes from the judges of the Supreme Court in IMA's case against Baba Ramdev.

1)  "You cannot write anything and get away. Sorry we are not so magnanimous, " Supreme Court bench told Ramdev's lawyer on the language used by Ramdev in his affidavit. "We will not accept your apology," Justice Hima Kohli said.

2) "This is all humbug!" Justice Amanullah remarked on the contents of the apology letter, "you say 'if the court feels...' We cannot look into your heart!" He censured Ramdev and Patanjali MD for the so-called "unconditional apology."

3) "Being the co-founder of the organisation, we refuse to believe that he was not holding the press conference within 24 hours shows that you were cognisant." The bench said Ramdev's lawyer said he was not informed about undertaking given in the Supreme Court when he held the press conference over which the Supreme Court issued contempt of court notice.

4) "Absolute Defiance," Justice Amanullah said on Ramdev's conduct. He said that a reference was made to the Supreme Court's order, in the press conference, "which means that you were fully aware of that." 

5) Reprimanding Ramdev's counsel for the way affidavits were filed, Justice Hima Kohli said, "Not just the Supreme Court, every order passed by the courts across this country has to be respected."

6) "Sometimes, some matters have to be taken to their logical conclusion," Justice Kohli told Ramdev's lawyer and said that the court does not have Ramdev's affidavit and it is of the opinion that contempt of court proceedings have to be initiated against Ramdev and Patanjali.

At this point Ramdev's counsel Balbir Singh begged the court, "I cannot run away from this court. Can I read a few paragraphs? Can I say with folded hands that the gentleman is present in the Court and the Court may record his apology." 

7) "We are not here to teach lessons," Justice Hima Kohli said that if Patanjali and Ramdev have made tall claims over research they owe a greater explanation, not just to the public but to the Court.

8) "We are wondering why the Union Of India chose to keep their eyes shut?" the bench remarked on Centre's conduct in the entire case. Justice Kohli while responding to Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appearing for Centre said that the Centre's AYUSH ministry has a lot to explain.

9) Justice Kohli remarked that a lot remains to be said on Coronil.

"We have questions for AYUSH. You issued notice to Patanjali and they filed a reply and reply is not before us and we are wondering why. COVID was in 2022 and you had yourself stated that these were at best a supplement to the main medicine. This was not publicised at all. Nothing could move without the Central go-ahead during COVID and you did nothing to make this known," she observed.






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